Come a little early and join us at the coffee bar where you can order some hot coffee to set the tone for your day. We generally start with a few worship songs followed by announcements about upcoming events at Church on the Rock. Then one of our pastors will bring a Bible based sermon closing out with prayer.


Communion is for Christians and reminds us of Jesus' body broken and blood shed on the cross in our place for our sins. We encourage Christians to take communion  as often as they would like. There is a communion station available at all campuses each Sunday in the sanctuary.


The Pursue Worship Team brings music that is encouraging and energetic! Our heart during worship is to create an atmosphere that allows each person to encounter the presence of God.

What to wear

Like most families, our church family has people who are formal and people who are informal. Whether you are wearing a suit or dress, or flip flops and shorts, you will find lots of people dressed just like you.


COTR Kids meets during each service for ages 3 months to 5th grade. COTR Kids learn about Jesus in interactive, fun and age-appropriate ways.


On Sunday mornings, we hold Middle School Youth at all of our campuses and during all English services. After worship in the main service, our 6th through 8th graders are encouraged to make their way to our youth ministry area at each campus. 

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