Join us for our Next Step Luncheon

If you are new to COTR, we know you may have some questions about who we are, what we believe, and how to connect. That's why we have a class called Next Step, which is designed to answer any questions you may have about who we are and how to connect here.

This one day class runs the first Sunday of each month (unless the first Sunday falls on a holiday weekend) at 1:00 pm at each campus.

Registration is required. Lunch will be provided and childcare is available. (Childcare is limited so be sure to register.)

Join a Community Group

The need for relationship is part of our genetic makeup. We all desire to belong, to make a difference, and to be productive for the Lord. Community Groups are a way to do that.

Authentic community happens in circles, not rows, so getting connected at Church on the Rock means participating in a Community Group. Some people enjoy a large church because of its focus on others, while some want a small, intimate church. We believe that our church must become larger and smaller at the same time to meet both of these needs.

Whether you are looking for a place to meet new friends, connect to a mentor, grow spiritually or serve others, there's a Community Group for you! Our groups are as varied as we are.  Group leaders use their gifts and passions to create a group that allows others to join with them in serving God.

Water Baptism

We believe water baptism is an outward sign of inward change, and those who have been born again by accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior should follow Him in baptism.

Water baptisms are performed during our Sunday morning services, several times throughout the year. Sign up and take the next step in your public profession of faith!


We are always looking for people who want to serve with us!

From the parking lot to Children's Ministry, from the Connect  Team to our Worship & Media teams, nothing would happen at Church on the Rock without our amazing volunteers! 

Child Dedication

It's exciting whenever a new child enters a family!  In these joyful moments, many parents choose to dedicate their child to the Lord.  Dedicating a child acknowledges God's sovereignty not only over the child, but also over Mom and Dad. In this special time, parents present their child before God and before His church, asking for grace and wisdom in carrying out their responsibilities to raise their child in a home that is spiritually alive.  Parents also come praying that their child would trust Jesus Christ as Savior for the forgiveness of sin at an early age.

At Church on the Rock, we have child dedications once every three months at each of our campus locations.  To register your child, please click on the link below and fill out the information requested.