Community Groups

Authentic community happens in circles, not rows, so getting connected at Church on the Rock means participating in a Community Group. Some people enjoy a large church because of its focus on others, while some want a small, intimate church. We believe that our church must become larger and smaller at the same time to meet both of these needs. 

Joy Club

Joy Club is a gathering for anyone 55+ to join together for a light dinner and an evening of fellowship and worship. The message of encouragement and wisdom to living in the later years is brought by Dr. Morris Sheats, who brings over 50 years of ministry experience. Worship is hymns and choruses that bring sweet memories and nostalgia. 

Marriage on the Rock

If you have a good marriage, but you want to have a great marriage or if you are planning to get married, this is the class for you!


We all face things in life that hold us back, and this class will help identify and overcome any obstacles that stand in our way of fully responding to God and fulfilling the destiny for which we were created. We will also discover our identity in Christ and how we can be an influence in the lives of others. Living Free is a 4-week course led by Pastor Rick Mitchell. Each class is approximately 1 hour.